“The positive impact Mort made in this world is beyond measure. His values of generosity, respect for others and his integrity will be his everlasting legacy” Jehuda Reinharz - President - Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation, former President - Brandeis University

“The greatest asset he brought to an organization was not his money, it was the insight and vision he shared with the leader of the organization.  Mort rolled up his sleeves and applied every ounce of his ability to lead, manage and teach” Stephen H. Hoffman - Vice Chair - Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation, former President - Jewish Federation of Cleveland

"Mort has made a tremendous impact on innovative patient care, education and research at Cleveland Clinic, in Northeast Ohio and around the world. He also has made a lasting impression on me, both professionally and personally. He is a true confidant, one whose wisdom and guidance helped to shape my career. Mort’s profound humanitarianism, passion and enthusiasm will be with me for the rest of my life. I will be forever grateful to him." Dr. Toby Cosgrove - Executive Advisor - Google Cloud Health Care & Life Sciences Team, former President - Cleveland Clinic

"I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Mort Mandel. With Mort, his word is his bond. This is one of the many traits that makes him so special. He has shown me how to incorporate boundless integrity, compassion and fortitude into my leadership role, and he’s done so with a twinkle in his eye. His enthusiasm rivals that of anyone I know." Dr. Tom Mihaljevic - President and CEO - Cleveland Clinic

"Mort has dedicated his life to serving our beloved Cleveland. That’s one of the things you immediately recognized about Mort – his commitment to our city. There are plenty of successful businesspeople who write checks to worthy causes, but lose touch with where they come from. Not Mort." Sherrod Brown - United States Senate - Ohio

“Mort Mandel was an inspiration to me and so many faculty, staff, students and alumni of Case Western Reserve University. Not only by virtue of his exceptional business acumen, nor even the extraordinary generosity that he and his brothers demonstrated in founding their own philanthropic organization well before their company had become a large and thriving enterprise. What moved me most was his fundamental belief in the individual.” Barbara Snyder, President – Case Western Reserve University

"Mort Mandel is one of the most accomplished organizational leaders and philanthropists of his time.  It is impossible to do justice to the profound impact he has had on so many locally, nationally and globally, especially in Israel.  He was particularly passionate about developing future leaders with the character, wisdom and determination to change the world.  Above all, he was a superb teacher and mentor.  His legacy will inspire generations to come and for that the world is a better place." Scott Cowen, Vice Chairman of Parkwood LLC and Professor Emeritus and Distinguished University Chair, Tulane University